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  1. No worries. Congrats to the winner! Where did I miss the pics of the marbles by the way? carole
  2. Can't speak for Eli but Peyton does a ton of charity work here in TN that doesn't get any publicity. Especially anything involving kids. Not defending - just putting this fact out there. carole
  3. Happy Birthday Edna! Hope you got to see Becky. carole
  4. Sorry to be late lady. Hope it was great!!! carole
  5. Sleep in dude! That's gotta be great. carole
  6. Thanks again for the additional birthday congrats! It was a beautiful fall day here in Spring City. Bob, I usually got special birthday parties-except for the years my birthday fell on Thanksgiving day then it tended to get kind of incorporated into the whole thing since relatives were always there for Thanksgiving or we were at one of their houses. carole
  7. Thanks guys! I'm at work which is kind of a bummer. I'd rather be being lazy at home, lol. carole
  8. Got you Jane. What are the rules? How often can we vote? carole
  9. I hate snakes but those I like! Couple of hissers I'd like to have there Dani. carole
  10. Love those eyes. How unusual. carole
  11. Thanks Andrea. Finally someone that knows pelts. carole
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