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More About Marble Kings -- 1943


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This is overkill, since we already know they were called Marble King marbles by 1940. But it's still cool!

May 6, 1943 -- a big bag of Marble King marbles for free.


And here is a 1938 ad for marbles with Rippled Wheat. Doesn't identify whose marbles but we have a good guess!


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Thanks Al. :-)

Bill, on the one hand, it sure is nice to be able to plug in keywords and jump relatively quickly to any number of papers.

On the other hand, I can't easily "browse" any of these papers online. You might find things which would slip through my best targetted searches. Stuff hidden in ads. Surprising marble-connected topics. Photographs.

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Hey Steph, did you manage to come across the site that ask you to pay for old ads and old articles in magazines ?

i used to use that site for Old radio tubes and radio's and i cant find the link anymore..

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Doesn't ring a bell. Couldn't say for sure.

There were various pay-per-view sites I landed on and promptly forgot about before I finally decided I had to had to had to see something from a couple of them. I don't recall if any were particularly for ads or for magazines.

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