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Polishing Machines


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Polished marbles.............. :Emoticon-jawdrop: oh my god !

Before I get into the machine portion of this topic, let me please explain my thoughts about polished marbles. I know some of you have heard this before but here it is again.

I think that within our fine community of marble collecting there are subgroups that have different intensions and goals. You have the group that I call ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) sorry ! These are the people who have obtained tons of marbles in which any manner they could. They did this as an investment and want a good return on that investment. This people do not like polished mibs becaue now a hard working person can by a marble that is very very nice for a lower price than their invested original. Here is where it becomes confusiing: :Sad_headshake_tweetz:

You buy an old house and spend time and money restoring it.......you sell it for a good price

You buy and old rusty junk car and you restore it for big money

You buy and restore old guns for huge money

You buy and restore old furniture for big biog bucks

But you restore an old part of history made of glass the siae of a peanut and your a bad person and the mib is not worth good money? uhm

You see. If these people keep pushing out polished mibs their investments stay strong. They do not give a hoot about anything other than how they will make out in the end.

Now you have the group that loves collecting to make some money but to have great looking mibs. This folks can afford a polished mib that is $40 instead of the $300 it is in it's original state. I'm cool with this. I have a lot of great old mibs I have polished and look darn good in my collection. The cost is so far below the cost of buying a mint mib. Yet, I know and tell everyone they are polished. In some cases I have been told they look better than original marbles.

The thing that really gets me is this. The jerks that feel they can polish a mib and then sell it for the original cost and lie about it being in it's original state. So, now you dishonest people involved and you have the investment sh_ _ heads giving a polished mib a bad time. Hey if everyone threw every marble that was not mint in the furnace and distroyed life would be so much better. You see, I am a perfectionist when it come to polishing. My driveway is full of mibs that just could not be saved, so they get a kind word and booted to the gravel driveway.

Okay you saying where is all this going......... Buy and sell polished mibs as they deserve. Not like a banished unforsaken glob of junk. Be honest and sell them as they are. This may help people understand the fine life left in such a marble. Polished marbles are nice and could bring more money than they do if they were given the respect they deserve. They may not be the $300 original but they could be just as nice $40 or $50 mibs.

As far as machines. I was tired of buying machines that did not do the job or did not hold up. I designed and built my own machines. ( I do not polish for people, I can't trust how they will sell them) I have had a bunch of folks want to buy my machines. So, I priced everything out and I have come up with a price. I have been told I am $100 - $200 less expensive than machines on the market made from wood.

I am going to show my machines for the first time ever at the Sistersville marble show in WV this year. I am going to bring five machines to sell and I will have one or two set up and running. This is a good way to increase your collection. The machines are made of aluminum and have 60 RPM motors.

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I hope to get down there this year and can't wait to see your setup. Can you pm me some pic's and the price your going to be selling these for? Not that I can afford one at this time, but maybe if I can get some saved up before the show in WV I could swing it. And for the record, nothing that I will polish or have polished will be sold. And if by chance I ever did sell one of them, I would never, ever, be decietful and hide the fact that it had been polished. As a matter of fact, I would be proud to tell them that I was the one who had done all the work on it and brought it back to a state of beauty! :) God Bless!

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Your my kind of collector. The key words I really like is....The pride you would take in letting people know you polished the mibs. That is exactly were I stand. If someone is good, really good at polishing, then their name will get to be known and the mibs they do would bring a better price. It is all the same thing, life, friendship, love, work, religon and more............being honest and fair.

I may put together a small group of polished mibs to take to WV too. Let's see what the collecting people and the sellers react.

Good luck........

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That is exactly were I stand. If someone is good, really good at polishing, then their name will get to be known and the mibs they do would bring a better price.

I'm not sure what brought up this subject, but you make some valid points in your statements. I quoted the above portion of one of your statements for a reason..

First, I also would like to know the type of machine and a price, as I may be interested in a purchase as well..Posting a picture with the details in the "Buy,sell, trade" section woud be acceptable since it is marble related, I would presume...

I polish marbles as well. I have polished for several collectors to there satisfaction, but no longer do so...I find the same general satisfaction in polishing marbles that you do, but some folks on the boards will always oppose polishing for one reason or another. This, of course, is there right. To oppose as well as others' right to support....No harm nor foul in my opinion......until~

I quoted your sentence to bring a point.....I will site only one of many examples where a once valued collector, board member, friend and respected Ebay seller was highly criticized, falsely accused, harrassed, disrespected and basically run-off by another board members liablis inaccurate "facts". He no longer visits the boards, which I can't for a second blame him. I consider this person my friend and a valuable resource in the marble collecting community. He was so beaten, critcized, labeled and shunned at every attempt he made to defend his legitimate auction that once the board's "band-wagon" trampled him, his credibility went out the window in the general views of the board members. THIS WAS WRONG!!!!!

I continue to polish my own marbles, although I no longer sell any on Ebay,(for reasons of there greed), I proudly tell anyone holding one of my marbles that "I" polished that one.....Without hestitaton, without trepidation, without embarrassment, without regret and with a HUGE smile!!.....Everyone is entitled to have there God given opinion, and so am I........

I take great pride, as it sounds you do as well, in polishing a marble to a high quality worthy of a front seat in any showcase...

In general, I support polishing as a hobby. If a person is honest and asks a fair price then there isn't, and shouldn't be, any disagreements arising.....

Marble On!!!!!


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