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  1. That red looks familiar....Hmmm K....o.....k.... S~
  2. A big "Welcome" aboard to you.......... :happy-857: S~
  3. I will be bringing some quality marbles for sale, handmades and uncommon machine-mades.....Any requests? S~
  4. Thanks to all.....I had a great day, and made a new resolution! I'm going to go in reverse now, next year I'll 'turn' 44....lol Thanks again S~
  5. Ahhh, lets raise a glass to the metal gods.... I have pics of these 2, have more but not pics.....Metal on!!!! S~
  6. Ahhh, if you wanna horsehair it, well.................. here's some horsehair swirls S~
  7. OK, I'll play..........here's a bit of contribution.... S~
  8. I picked up a set locally, available at KOG's gift shop,and took some pics. I have mixed reviews about them, but will maybe wait for a few more opinions before stating mine publicly.. S~
  9. 2010 run of Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. marbles? They are currently available and I am soliciting opinions from those who have picked up some..... S~
  10. I've never attended this particular show, but have friends who have. I've been told that there are mostly contemporary artists. The overall impression was that it is generally a good time and my friends were pleased that they went.... I grew up in that area and would like to attend when my schedule doesn't conflict...I will say that the area is a beautiful place and rich with history.. S~
  11. None of these have less then 3 separate colors... Awesome Akro: Sparkler: Master's: Our own Madman Marbles: Hybrid Cat's-eye: Peltier MCS: Vitro Tri-lite: S~
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