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    Marbles of course
  1. SplattmanSS

    Neat Pelt

    That red looks familiar....Hmmm K....o.....k.... S~
  2. SplattmanSS

    Hi Everyone!

    A big "Welcome" aboard to you.......... :happy-857: S~
  3. I will be bringing some quality marbles for sale, handmades and uncommon machine-mades.....Any requests? S~
  4. SplattmanSS

    Happy Birthday Splattman!

    Thanks to all.....I had a great day, and made a new resolution! I'm going to go in reverse now, next year I'll 'turn' 44....lol Thanks again S~
  5. I'll be there on the 17th, early-ish S~
  6. SplattmanSS

    The West Virginia Swirl Show

    Ahhh, lets raise a glass to the metal gods.... I have pics of these 2, have more but not pics.....Metal on!!!! S~
  7. SplattmanSS

    The West Virginia Swirl Show

    Ahhh, if you wanna horsehair it, well.................. here's some horsehair swirls S~
  8. SplattmanSS

    The West Virginia Swirl Show

    a few more koolerer colors S~
  9. SplattmanSS

    The West Virginia Swirl Show

    Kooler color's S~
  10. SplattmanSS

    The West Virginia Swirl Show

    Kool color's S~
  11. SplattmanSS

    The West Virginia Swirl Show

    OK, I'll play..........here's a bit of contribution.... S~
  12. SplattmanSS

    Jabo Kokomo Run

    I picked up a set locally, available at KOG's gift shop,and took some pics. I have mixed reviews about them, but will maybe wait for a few more opinions before stating mine publicly.. S~
  13. 2010 run of Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. marbles? They are currently available and I am soliciting opinions from those who have picked up some..... S~
  14. SplattmanSS

    Wheaton - Marble Weekend 2010

    I've never attended this particular show, but have friends who have. I've been told that there are mostly contemporary artists. The overall impression was that it is generally a good time and my friends were pleased that they went.... I grew up in that area and would like to attend when my schedule doesn't conflict...I will say that the area is a beautiful place and rich with history.. S~
  15. SplattmanSS

    Marbles Of Many Colors Shoot-Out

    None of these have less then 3 separate colors... Awesome Akro: Sparkler: Master's: Our own Madman Marbles: Hybrid Cat's-eye: Peltier MCS: Vitro Tri-lite: S~