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Mica ... In Jabos ....


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This is sort of a question, or it was going to be a question, but I think I may have figured it out ...

No, still a question. How much of the green sparkley stuff in the Last Dances is mica, and how much is aventurine? I was thrown at first by Edna's mention of "green mica", but now I realize that a lot of the sparkle in the green glass is reflections off of flat flakes.

What color is the mica itself? Some stray pieces outside the green glass still look green but I suspect that might be reflected color. Sometimes tilting makes the green bits look closer to silver.

And the Eagles have mica also?

Here is my Peltier Mansion with mica. One piece caught the light great for the auction photo:


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I've been wondering about some of the difference between the

Mica...Goldstone and Aventurine.

Are the five different colors of aventurine that has shown up in

"The Last Dance" Jabos....5 different colors....or different SHADES

of 1 or 2 distict colors.

Is the Mica and Goldstone......and Lutz being counted as seperate

colors or traits.

For instance...Is there a Jabo that has 5 colors of Aventurine...Oxblood

Goldstone......Lutz and Mica ???


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Mica is a transparent flat flake that reflects a silvery color. It has to be encased in a clear or transparent colored glass. The Mansion run was the first to use the mica in transparent green that comes in a sheet glass form. We also used goldstone, straight and encased in clear; and a blue-green aventurine, green aventurine, yellow-green aventurine, and very pale aventurine, sometimes mixed with other transparent colors.

The example Stephanie shows is my least fave of all our marbles.

mike b.

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Thanks Mike.

Sorry for the bad advertising there. It was my least favorite too. But it's mine. It was one of the first five mansions offered on ebay. I put bids on all five. That's the only one no one competed for.

mica in transparent green in sheet glass form? ah, so the mica isn't just tossed in ... It's pre-coupled with the green glass. That's cool.

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