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My New Phily Finds


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This show was a great buyers show with some rare and reasonably priced marbles for sale.

I picked up a mint 2 & 1/16" slightly lobed onionskin, a mint 1 & 13/16" slightly lobed mica onionskin, a mint minus 1 & 13/16" fat solid core, a near mint 1 & 11/16" giant black clambroth, a mint 1 & 5/16" giant experimental corkscrew, many other "Claudia" corks, 2 mint 3/4" Peltier Golden Rebels along with some lutz marbles.

All of these will be for sale except one golden rebel and the giant corkscrew marble.

I have a son getting married this week end but next week I will probably start listing on "mibauctions" or Ebay.

If anyone has a particular interest in one of these then shoot me an email with an offer or if you want more pictures just let me know.





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