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How Rare Is This Akro?


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i would think that it glows under a black light. also i have not seen anything like it but then again........somethings get dug up that are very different. i know you said from the wild but........if Stephanie cant track it down with a pic or something or an ad from 1930 with it in it (meant as a compliment) and no one else has seen one or more than a few...............i would say it was dug.

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i don`t think it is a dug marble. i have had this in my collection for about 10 yrs. and i found it here in northern mn. and it wasn`t from anyone that collects marbles.

it is not florescent though i wish it was. i showed it to a guy from wisc. that collects and he said it was a popeye. but i don`t think it is. no wispy white. the white base

is more like moss agate or clowdy matrix. here`s one more pic.post-1042-1234743997_thumb.jpg

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