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Totally Ot: Kodachrome


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I could try to pretend this is on topic. lol. Could mention that marbles were made near here. Maybe not during the time the pic was taken but not too long before.

But I won't fake it! :icon_lmao: This just happens to be one of my favorite finds! :Cool_049:

It was in a vintage storage case for color slides. At an antique shop a few blocks from me. I went there a lot, and looked at it several times before I bought it. Only $15 bux. Can't believe I thought so hard about whether I would buy it, but I did.

I had a use for it. Some old family slides which were loose in a box ... and are still. The saleslady offered to dump the slides which were already in it. No ulterior motives -- she just wanted to make it easy on me -- they would end up in her waste basket instead of mine. Who needed someone else's old family photos of weddings, pony rides and picnics from the 50's and 60's? That sort of thing. But I said, nah, I'd take 'em home. Might be something interesting.

I sold this first slide for $75. Anyone recognize the buildings? It was the one in the distance which was the draw. Might've been able to get more for this one and others taken that day if I'd had a clue what kind of market there was for them and built up some awareness that they were on the market instead of starting with the best ones first. But $75 was alright! Someone who took the $20 to $30 buy-it-now on one of the related photos helped me learn more about all of them.

(click to enlarge)


3-2.jpg 2-2.jpg 6-2.jpg

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