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Ca - Handgathered Or Machine-made ?

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Looks Machine Made IMHO

Bob knows that. But is it partially or wholy machine made?

Here's his unabbreviated question:

Is this 5/8" CA an early Handgathered one or a later totally machine-made Striped Opaque?

I'm intrigued by it having both a tail and the long single seam. Pretty wild.

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I posted this elsewhere, but for the last few days, could not access this board. Almost every time I try to log on, it hangs up at downloading some kind of Paypal Logo and crashes Internet Explorer.

I recently switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox, and it seems to be faster with less freezes, also more versatile. I'll never go back to IE.

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I got a handgathered yellow/green CA on one of Alan's Running Rabbit auctions which looks basically like a corkscrew. I also have a few handgathered American Agates that look almost like corkscrews, so based on that I'd opt for yours being not handgathered, although the pattern is killer.

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