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Cac Swirls And Fluorescence

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Just a general question for everyone about CAC. Does all of the white glass that CAC used fluoresce under black light? I noticed that when "examining" my marbles as I usually do that this flame and others seem to light up a bit more under UV. So does the white in my guineas and other flames such as this one. Secondarily, if this is the case, can I use this as a good way to distinguish common swirls from CAC's? Also works well on bloodies! Got these mibs from new philly

Thanks for your time and opinions,


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Ok thanks. So do others use this technique when identifying CAC's or i it mainly just feel and experience? Because while I feel I can identify most CAC's, sometimes I am a little iffy on the swirls that have not cut marks and some of the Alley flames look similar to CAC. But now that I have seen that alley sample box that has been posted here a few times I feel more confident there.


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