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Did "we" Know This?


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The Goebel decorative ware business was funded with profits from marbles sales. That was new info to me.

Franz Detleff Goebel, a porcelain merchant, and his son, William, founded F & W Goebel in 1871 in the town of eslau. Oeslau (now Rodental) was located in the popular porcelain producing region of Thuringia in Germany. The Geobel’s dream was to produce porcelain, however the Duke of Coburg, fearing fires, refused to allow porcelain production in town. The company produced slate pencils, chalkboards and toy marbles. After five years, armed with profits from the slate and marble business, they petitioned the Duke and were given a tract of land along the River Roden near the legendary Kipfendorf clay deposits and permission to build their porcelain factory. In 1876 their first building was constructed. They fired up their first kiln and shipped their first porcelain tableware and decorative items in 1879. By the turn of the century their company was one of the largest employers in the region with a little over 400 employed.

W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik Company

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Wow, that's wild!! I never knew it!!

If they couldn't fire and their products were primarily slate based, would that mean the marbles were of the ground round slate / sandstone type?

Wouldn't it be wild to find evidence of Goebel being the maker of the German crockery / china marbles??

There has been a change in the Hummel manufacturer.... Either Goebel is closing, or has been bought out by another company, recently... (It's too late and I'm too tired to search out the info!!! LOL)

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This is one thing I did know. I used to buy for a big hummel collector friend of mine and she told me all about that. To funny how unlike things are linked sometimes, like my and my friends collecting and Goebel and Marbles.


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