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Akro Wizard? Monarch? King?


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Anyone seen these bags? I know of the Hot Shot. Can't remember seeing the others.

(click pix to enlarge)


That's from an ad I'd like to learn more about. I'd really like to learn its age. The "new" Akro Carnelians on the front page might be a clue, but maybe not as much as I'd hope. They were said to be "new" in 1934, but I think other years also. Need to confirm.

AkroAgateCatalog1of4-1.jpg AkroAgateCatalog2of4-1.jpg

AkroAgateCatalog3of4-1.jpg AkroAgateCatalog4of4-1.jpg

In reference to yesterday's prize name discusion, at this point Akro definitely had white-based Prize Names, but the ad company wouldn't necessarily have known it. The ad which was changed, wiht the color combos being dropped IIRC, was the one where there were pix of the prize names. The proofreader would have flagged that and finally the outdated text was cut. (that's my theory)

I sorta hope this is a clue to this ad, and any other ads mentioning No. 2 glassies. Hope it means they would have come after February of 1932, but there's some conflicting info still being worked out in one of those other ads with No. 2 glassies.


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So I'm sitting here whatching the movie " The Goonies" with the kids, and I'm reading this very thread when low and behold in the very beggining of the movie the young actor Sam Austin is playing with marbles and a small marble pouch. Just thought that was neat....... ( I better see the movie again so I can find out what kind of bag lol. )

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