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Are These Fantasy Bags?

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The first bag is real. The Pressman Co. purchased marbles from many MFG's, to fill bags & boxes.

The rest are fake. Or Newbie bait. Which is sad, since it spoils

intrest in marble collecting. No one want's to start collecting

something & get ripped off in the process.

Thanks for showing them.

I think everyone should be reminded once in awhile,

that these rip off bags are still out there.


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I agree that the Pressman bag is real. I have several with Vitros in them. Of the others, the Alox one on the right is the only one that might even be 'close' to real. When Alox closed, someone bought all the leftover headers, polybags and marbles and filled them themselves. It looks like this one was filled with MK Cat's-eyes so it is obviously not an original complete Alox bag but may have a 'real' header and polybag portion.

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