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Interesting Cloth Marble Bag

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Just got this interesting bag. Has what looks to be a Gropper / Peltier or CA box of slags on it. It is small at around 3" x 2". The material is similar to silk. It is imprinted on the back of the bag with Chinese characters that read "Made in USA". (Thanks Hansel).

It came with Peliter rainbos and one 7/8" blue slag. Also interesting is it says that the onyx marbles come in 12 color variations. That's alot of colors for slags?

Anyway, just thought you would enjoy seeing it.




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neat item, Craig. sure is weird that it says "12 New Assorted Colors in bag." but the picture shows (onyx) slags in a box of just 10 rows. do you think the marbles are original to the bag?

if the marbles are original to the bag itself, that would make it a Chinese jobber bag--no? who jobbered Pelts in the States?

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