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Aaaah.....what Did I Do Wrong?

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In my opinion, that is a rare box and most of the value would be in the box, not necessarily the marbles. However the box is in extremely poor condition, kind of like a rare marble in really bad shape, hard to sell.

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in my opinion.........the lamp would have sold for 130.00 or so. money is tight these days. plus the shipping seemed a bit high. the ravenswood box is rare but poor condition. hard to tell if the marbles are authentic. not saying they are not but ebay liars have hurt the honest part of the business. plus again shipping seems a bit high. nice stuff just commenting as asked.

p.s. i never bid on reserve auctions because the opening bid is hidden and i do not like that. maybe others felt the same way. i always start bid at the least i would take that way people know what to bid or not.

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Ya, I hit the wrong button during the shipping part, but added an edit offering free shipping, guess people just didn't see the edit. Think you may be right about the box. It is pretty beat-up. Being so rare, I guess people are leary. The last time I posted pictures on this board 5 years ago of my first box of Ravenswood CC, I got a lot of flak from a person who's name starts with the letter T.

The first set of Ravenswood CC I sold on Ebay for quite a bit of money, but that was over 5 years ago, and sadly I never kept a copy of the original auction. Thankfully someone on here did keep the pics of the CC in with the Mint box.

Thank you for the input, Lisa

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