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The Stars Are Fun

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Eta carinae - is a super massive star (about 100 times the mass of our sun) that is ready to explode as a super nova (ready being in the next 10,000 years). The star is dumping gas and dust to try and maintain gravitational and thermo nuclear balance. Some day gravity will win when this star goes super nova and a stellar mass black hole will likely form; potentially robbing us of the spectacular dust and gas show. (information given to me by an astronomy enthusiast)

Little Nova (lower right) is patiently awaiting the event.


:-) Felicia

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That is a very cool picture! Does anyone have any mibs that have that puffy cloud-like appearence inside of it? Please post-em if you got-em! :) Thanks in advance! I am just having marble withdrawls! lol There is only so much you can do after you pour out all your marbles on the floor and roll in them till your tired! lol God Bless!

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