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Pre-christensen Snotties


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Thanks David.

One source defines "snot agate" as an agate with a veined and clouded interior. (and "snotty" is short form for snot-agate). I think that simply a mossy interior might have earned the name moonie.

What I wonder is whether in 1914 the snot agate would have referred to a stone marble or glass. Not many choices it seems if it was glass, but I don't know enough about minerals and real agates to guess which stone might have been involved.

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Have to say that I have always considered Akro Moonies and Christensen Moonies as all together different

that Moss Agates. Much more etherial matrix in Moonies as opposed to Moss Agates. They also have that

reddish glow or bluish glow when lit up which is much different than what you get with a Moss Agate. David C

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In terms of minerals there is something called moonstone which is different from Akro's moonie glass.

Akro advertisements described Moss Agates as being made of the "highest quality moonstone glass". Naturally that did not mean Moss Agates had the same base as Akro moonies. Seems a good chance that moonstone was the material used to make the 1800's version of moonies.

Main point for this thread ... and why I separated it from the other snot agate thread ... was that these marbles pre-date Akro and Christensen. So what snot agate referred to this year might be very different from what it referred to in the 30's. And I wonder what that was.

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