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By The Way -- Bubbles In Cat's Eye Vanes

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A follow-up to this thread, Cat Eye's With Holes On The Vane ....

For the record, one day recently I had my cat's eyes out and I found my very most bubbly one which definitely had holes through the vanes not just reflective disks resting on them. It's a four-vane green cat. All four vanes have bubbles, staggered lines of bubbles. The whole effect reminds me of a fern.

I looked further. I found many many cat's eyes with bubbles in the vanes. Some had what looked like bubbles on the surface but almost invariably there was at least a thin-ness in the vane 'under' the bubble. The otherwise solid vanes looked translucent there. And many had bubbles all the way through.

At first I imagined all the holes came from bubbles in the base glass which shoved their way through the vanes.

But if baseglass could have bubbles, why couldn't vane glass? Now I think it did sometimes.

Bottom line: I have cat's eyes with distinct holes in the vanes. Seems a lot more common than I expected when Ness started her thread in February. Not a lot of standouts, but many clearly visible when I'm on the lookout for them.

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