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Jabo Run Info Plz

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It seems I have missed some runs that came out of Jabo this year. Ebay now has some mibs listed as FireFox run mibs and they are just eye popping. These are the runs that I know happened so far this year; Tribute to Friendship, March Madness, and Joker Encore & Tank Wash.

What are the others runs that have some out this year? Can someone please give me the down low on who, what, and when on what I am missing? lol I know this may sound silly, but please humor a young rookie that is just excited about cool marbles. :)

God Bless everyone!

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Hi Gary, it's called the "Foxfire" run, not to be confused with firefox. The run was just done on May 14th by myself, Brian Estepp, Lee Linne, Frank Miller, Mike Meade, Russ Kasmar, Paul Kasmar, Steve Olenick, and Rick Hall. I am still going through my share and these are the nicest out of any runs I was involved with earlier, we were trying for brighter colors and achieved our goal. Some look like they are on fire, bright oranges and yellows with flames and some oxblood! I'm sure you will be hearing more about them in the next few weeks. We also did a tank wash the day before. I sent some to bocci to post pics on the boards. I only know of one other run later this month, it all started in May of 2008 and could very well end in May of 2009. What a year!

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Hey! Let Brian Estepp know I'm looking forward to hearing from him and I won't be put out if he includes some of these

along with the others promised. Please do not bring to Amana for me though as I am going to be right up against it - to the nub - bulk-wise with my one carry-on! ....David Chamberlain

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The thought of these special runs ending is depressing...it's like an emptiness in the pit of your stomach. So many beautiful marbles, successful experimentations came from these runs as well as fond memories for those who participated.

I commend and admire all who were involved in these runs for their part in marble history. My only regret would be that I could not experience the making of marbles. But I can continue to enjoy the ones that were made.

Thanx to all!

Have a great day!

:-) Felicia

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