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Couple Interesting Handmades

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It's been so long since I found any marbles in the wild, I've lost all my photography skills. Hope you can see enough to give an opinion on these 2, part of a group I recently bought from an antiques dealer who actually called me because I'd left him my contact information. I can't figure out what this first one is: a flattened out solid core? Ribbon? It's like a white disk that's pressed up against the interior surface of the marble, but concave, not flat. And it's surrounded by red lattice type swirls. Any thoughts on what to call it?


This one looks like an amorphous blob, so I assume it's a cloud type. Right? Both marbles are around 11/16.


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I'm with Mike!! Except that I don't think it's the outer lines that are sunken... It looks to me as if the solid white core is incomplete... Maybe towards the end of the cane and the white just ran out?? The blue and red seem to be OK??

Both are a cool find... But, that first one is really a looker!!! :wub:

an antiques dealer who actually called me because I'd left him my contact information.

So, it really DOES happen??? LOL

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It's so much fun weighing in on these marbles when they're obviously of consequence. Thanks for posting these two.

You could practically call that 1st one a hybrid handmade! Of course the red latticinio puts it over-the-top value wise.

Thecollapsed or depleted solid core appears to be lobed which is also nice. My strength is not handmades but isn't that bold

outer red latticinio unusual? Gotta be! Red latticinios alone according to Block have a 15x to 30x increased valuation and this one is totally unmoored! Would like to know size and condition.

That embryonic cloud is deep space; I can practically envision some Alien picketing some interstellar clinic with that image on a poster board!

Once size and condition are determined you're still going to have to shoot from the hip on price! ...David Chamberlain

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Thanks, David and Sue. This group included all mint marbles except for one and there was even a left twist onionskin. All are around 11/16. Yes, Sue--it actually happens. In my case, about once every 8 or 9 years!! An incomplete solid core. Hmm...I never think of these kinds of accidents but it explains the appearance.

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