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Dave Mccullough's Marbles

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I want to say something different about Dave McCullough's marbles. I recently had the pleasure of receiving from Steve Pletcher a group of marbles ranging from 1/2" to 5/8". I must admit I'm clueless as to the run. I need a crib sheet of these Special Runs, Classic Runs, Tank Washes, you name it!

Whatever.....there were 144 marbles and if I'd come across anyone of them in the wild ('free range') I'd clearly HAVE TO HAVE IT. No question about it.

These marbles are going to stand the test of time. Granted their time is now for anyone with an ounce of sense but for anyone with a knowledge of the sweep of marble history to be immune to their beauty and uniqueness is practically unforgivable.

Just like the marble greats of the past who have excelled beyond the 'common marble' Dave McCullough has right here and now created museum quality machine-made marbles that will be sought after, coveted, talked about and praised for years to come.

And many of us thought it was over years ago! .....David Chamberlain

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I'm suspecting that anyone with a grain of objectivity will quite evidently see how the thread has progressed from exuberantly upbeat to negativity. Is this really what we're aiming for on the Marble Boards? David Chamberlain

i think sometimes david, the boards are the only place where " somebody" can run the mouth and , basically, get away with it. they inject suspicion .. falsley accuse ... obvious personal bias ... SOMEBODY will always listen on the boards. they don't have that option where they sit down to eat .. so .. do it here .. :Cartoon_177: .. bill



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Yanno, thimbles were made for sewing...some folks still make them, some collect them, some still use them for sewing.

Marbles were made for toys...some folks still make them, some collect them and some still use them for toys.

The year is 2009, an age of technology, high prices, fast-paced, fast food, etc. Yet, when I am looking at marbles, time slows down, it becomes a calm and relaxing place. Granted, I am still one of the newer 'kids' on the block, never played with marbles as a youth, I still find them fascinating..old and new.

When someone tries to keep something from the past alive, something that generates fond memories or even makes new, good memories, I say, "hey...good going!"

Understandably, my words, my thoughts and feelings will not stand the test of time but the marbles will and perhaps in 50 years or so, there will be someone saying "Man, I wish I was there".

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I probably well-advisably missed the intervening Posts but I can well imagine the tone. Obviously we have our separate opinions but after my initial upbeat positive take on the subject I found it exceedingly disappointing how quickly it devolved adversarily as if we were in opposing camps. I'd been told that was the nature of the beast but I'd prayed for something more lofty and I'd hoped that a thoughtful and measured exposition of my thoughts would be met with some respect. It was as if the gauntlet had been thrown down.

By the way, I do not need people piling on and providing support; it often lessens the effectiveness of my own response. I'm a big boy and can stand on my own two feet. Anyway, there's enough of this point-counter-point wasting good cyber space! David Chamberlain

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Youse guys should check out and see how the thread is going at Marvelous Mibs for this same subject DAVE McCULLOUGH'S MARBLES. You might want to chime in there! David I've had second thoughts regarding my chiming in comment and I would prefer that you not. I think as it is stated and stands it is sufficient. I don't need any help on this. Thanks.
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