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Do You Ever Wonder Where They Are Now?

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Do you ever look at a picture of a marble player -- or any child :-) -- from years back and wonder what became of them?

Here is Emma Miller, the national Marble Queen of 1949. In her Amish bonnet she was the big draw of the tournament that year. I read that she was a powerful shooter.


From Life Magazine

(oh boy, another photo source to explore)

Look at this one too! Love it!


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That's really kewl Steph! It reminds me that there's an Amish Auction out near here this Saturday. Don't know what to expect because it will be my first time going to any kind of auction.

:-) Felicia

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Steph, thanks for posting these pics, they are truly wonderful. They remind me of some of Patry's works. Just beautiful! Hope you are feeling better Felicia! God bless and healing prayers your way dear!

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