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A Little Something(s) I Picked Up This Past Week

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Very cool Edna, thank you for the id. I really had know idea other than the tell tale Akro symbol on the bottoms. The cornicopia glows like a gem under black light. They have a sugar, creamer and a larger container of some sort at the store there too. I just didn't have the knowledge to know what to pay for them. The prices on these were actually quite low. I also found a set of pinkish colored dishes at a different place, but they couldn't find the key to the display case as the owner was out of town for the weekend. I am not even sure what they wanted for them or just what was behind the tea cups, although I could see they had more than a few pieces in there.

God Bless!

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gary...beware of the pink opalescent set ....its being reproduced somewhere overseas.....some are puttin the little scotty dog on em...if its marked its ok...but ive seen that set at several antique malls around here....i was gonna buy the set til i researced it first...then i saw several of em.....

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Yeah Felicia, I don't get out very often but when I do, I try to capitalize on the affair! hehe! I posted the pic of the little orange mib just because it looks so neat, but I have no idea what or who made it. I think it was a good haul, and cheap too, thank the good Lord! lol I am a novice but I think I have lots of different types, from Kokomo's to Pelts and Vacor to Alley, a couple German handmades and maybe even one or two Christiansens?

Another favorite that came in that box is a really neat light green with some translucent spots with a swipe or patch of yellow. It looks like another in the box but the other one is a deeper green and more translucent with a yellow patch. Maybe peerless? There are a few mibs that have some hits on them but most are excellent in condition with no visible damage at all! I was so stoked when my buddy called and went over some of the pictures I took, he is so cool and took time out of his day to help out a rookie.

I can't wait to head over there again and make my rounds. Hopefully this time they will have found the key to the box with the pink dishes in it. *It also had some straight razor boxes in the case but I have no idea if they were full or not :( Since I also collect pocket knives and straight razors that place is on the top of my list for next time. God Bless


Here is a cool one too, no damage that I can see, maybe a Master? You can also see the light green mib with the yellow patch just above my hand in the box, straight down from the large *Vacor?* Frit mib. The marble bag was a bonus. The bottom is leather and the top is cloth although a bit worn. You can clearly read the markings on the leather part of the bag. It was a give away from the Cadillac Bank here in Michigan! :) And no, I didn't buy it in Cadillac. That bank probably doesn't exist anymore but I am going to do some checking on it and see what I can find out. The same place that had this bag had a straight razor from Buhl and Sons in Detriot with a matching box. Both items from my home state just makes it that much sweeter! :) lol God Bless!

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