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Any Thoughts On These New Ones??

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Any thoughts on these new ones?? Baught these in a 1911 milk jar. Love all the different flavors! The one that I believe is a peerless patch has a neat v shape on the orange. And the white and green has it's own questionmark!??! red white an dblue one vitro helmet patch? others MK? Are there many people out there that are vitro collectors?







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Steph can answer that better than I. I know they were made in Vienna, West Virginia and I think Steph knows when trilites were made. Vitros are under appreciated and I really like them. They have more color than akro agate and I love them too. Edna

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Wow Edna thanks for the info. They have some good age and they are mint! lol I also think that vitro's are under appreciated. They have some of the neatest color combos. I have tons of conquerers and phantoms also, a few helmets and different sorts of V's and patches.


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