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Ebay Id....what Do Ya Think?????

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Christensen?.....dream on! I think Steph has it properly pegged as modern Chinese. It's the right size. Who is this person who keeps auctioning these marbles? Someone go after him! David P.S. What was that opening bid? $99 Give me a break!

He's been gone after on some fronts. He is persona non grata here and at LOM. He registered a new name at LOM and posted this very marble last month. He thanked us for the "useful information" we gave him. And then he listed it as a CAC anyway. He doesn't seem to be violating ebay's policies most of the time since the companies whose names he is bandying about aren't in business anymore and won't sue them for trademark violation. And I don't think the couple of people who may have contacted his local police department were considered compelling enough to respond to.

Someone who has actually been taken by him needs to (a) realize it and (b ) do something about it. Gonna be hard to get the right person for that job. Maybe someone with some bucks to burn and the knowhow can become one of his victims and then contact the right authorities to get action.

In the meantime, he seems to get a great thrill from flaunting his doublespeak auctions and forgeries. This is one of the few he's listed recently where he's outright declared the wrong thing about it.

Usually he just sort of alludes to what he wants people to conclude and many seem to fall for it.

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