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John Gentile, Star City, West Virginia made beautiful paperweights, Christmas ornaments, marbles, glass canes. He passed away about 3 years ago, not sure of the date, the shop was closed. Everything was sold. His father was Peter Gentile and he came here from Italy. All the sons John's brothers worked in the shop. John's wife Gertrude also worked glass. you can find information about them in paperweight books.

John owned the shop. His children and grandchildren had no interest in glassmaking. i remember he told us about a grandchild who came and stayed a week once making up his mind about whether he wanted to keep the shop going. John told him that he would stay on and run the glass part and he could run the shop. This grandchild had a college degree and decided he couldn't make the money in glass that he could elsewhere. John told his wife Gertrude to sell everything when he passed. They carried out his wishes. Edna

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