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Dear Mr Mibcapper ....

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Well, the image name is last_dig_015 ...

Are they dug? :-) I love hearing about dug mibs. :-)

yep, they are steph. i don't remember the year .... but at the last ottowa show. with permission and payment ... i broke dirt in the lot across from the plant. shallow at best, and didn't take long to get after the pretties. had boyce and gino cranking their necks, mike was there too, before the fun ended. but, in years since, have also been allowed to touch the ground there. some of peltiers finest came out of that dirt. ottowa has yet to be discovered ... bill









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That was a fine day, Bill, yep.

By the way, the Peltier mansion is for sale. It has had some minor repairs, but needs a LOT of work.

The dirt there is in great condition, though, and mostly untouched.


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