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My Visit With Mike Barton

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I finally met Mike! I had to go to Sacramento for a convention. I was hoping to be able to spend more time with him! I had to go to a sales meeting the night before the convention. So by the time I got there I only had about an hour and half for my visit. What a nice quite gentle man! I had brought my friend that helps set up my booths for conventions and he let her pick out a few marbles too! We showed each other our Pelt collections. Also Mike showed us his dug bottle collection. I always thought that would be fun too! Here are to 2 marbles that I pick out. Also he showed me some Peltiers that he had dug from the Pelt factory. He has showed them to a few collectors but they have never seen them before. He was nice enough to give me one! Next time I go to Sacramento I am going to make sure I have more time to spend with him. And I want to watch him make a marble! Here are a few pictures of the marbles he gave me. Thank you Mike!





Here is a picture of the dug Peltier




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It was so nice to finally meet you, Windy, and young Rachel, too. I was sorry that there wasn't more hugging action as you left. The green shooter one was dug near the factory, I think it was experimental and not released because it was so powerful ugly. As I remember, Chris called it a Popeye, because it reminded her of spinach. It's darker in person.

I can't wait 'til your next trip.

thanks Windy,


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