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Off Topic: For No Particular Reason

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For No Particular Reason

I'm "announcing" coz I told someone I would! LOL. I'm happy just to doodle on my own. Fractals and flowers are likely to be planted soon. But if'n you wanna vent about something and want it seen by marble people but don't want it at a marble board, that's one option.

p.s., I don't want no stinking minion. If I had a minion I'd go to the doctor double quick and get it removed.

For No Particular Reason doesn't have a philosophy. If anyone wants to get on a soap box there that's okay. But if someone singes my delicate little feelings, well, I don't know what I'll do.

I won't delete posts though. Worst case, I'll turn them invisible. So if for example anyone who's been on the internets longer than Al Gore wants to say something unkind, well, fine. It'll stay on the record. Their words. Their IPs. Their M.O.

Happy 4th of July.

A special thanks to our Founding Fathers for their courage and honor. And to our service men and women for keeping us free. May they never have cause to regret how we use the freedoms they make possible.

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