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Pre-wwii Czech. Or New Dusseldorf, Germany Bullet-molds?

david Chamberlain

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'Round 1998 I had the opportunity to participate in the acquisition of approximately 125 older Czech. bullet-mold marbles, some absolutely gorgeous ones. It was this find in a Monterey, CA thrift shop which actually got the ball rolling for this type of marble and gradually they seemed to come out of the woodwork all around the country. Yet confusion reigned regarding what constituted the old versions and the newer ones. I've had the opportunity to see many examples of both kinds and have put together a crib sheet to aid in differentiating one from the other. Hope this helps you out if you should come up against one or the other.

A. The old are almost exclusively opaque whereas the new are uniformly semi-translucent.

B. The old have a scattered or random color application whereas the new have a repetitive and uniform pattern to the color application.

C. The old have the color applied to the surface over the matrix color whereas the new have the repetitive color pattern right below the surface.

D. The old have a semi-gloss surface sheen whereas the new have what can best be described as a flat latex surface look, almost a sand-blasted appearance, The paint terminology pretty much sizes them up.

I'm sure you could add more differences but this should give you a running start. David Chamberlain

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Hi David,

Great info, Always appreciated. Linda and I met you at the Columbus show a couple years back, you had a 1-inch 4-color saint marys catseye that i should have aquired, but was not fast enough. Are you going to the Sea-Tac show. Thanks -Jim

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