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Murmelbuch & Glasmurmeln & Andere Murmeln

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I've posted this site before, http://schusserland.de/. But before they seemed to be under construction. David's post sent me over to look at them again. Lotsa pages of marbles for sale now.

Marble book


Marble Store

They have Vacors, maybe including some not distributed in the U.S. They also have Chinese marbles. I keep hoping I'll find some of the bullet molds for sale there, since they're shown on one of the site's pages. Still haven't seen them listed but there are some other interesting ones.





(yeah we've seen Clownfish before but I think they need more exposure :-)

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I would suspect that any bullet mold marbles they might have would be the newer ones and I really didn't mention that in my opinion I don't think the newer ones measure up to the older ones in any fashion. They sort of remind me of fiber optic marbles. David P.S. Kinda like the difference between substance and flash.

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