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Ot This Summers Fishing

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Yeah, all those where caught a local paylake, where they stock 1'500 pounds of cat per year in a 8 acre lake. 1500 pounds is not a lot fish when most of them weight over 30 to 90 pounds.. And then have them spread out over a 8 acre lake, good luck to anyone who thinks this isn't a challenge !

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Yeah those guys get mad at Paylake owners, it's kind of lame really, the catfish population is higher than ever even after the commercial fishing, commercial fishing has been around for ages, it's nothing new, and 1500 pounds of in a 8 acre lake hardly qualifies as over populated lol

Now lets not just show one side of it..

The Paylake industry is a multi million dollar business with 150 lakes in Kentucky, over 100 in WV and over 100 in Ohio that people have invested there life into by following State regulations and laws that have been put in place by the States.

You got these greedy people ( http://brotherhood-of-catfishermen.com ) thinking we are pulling all the fish out of the river systems, and it's just not true, we have been seeing Bigger and Bigger fish every year, in the last 25 years of me commercial fishing the fish population has grown, and keeps growing...

In the Markland pool of water 10 years ago the Blue population didn't even exists, now they are commonly caught and the new state record was caught this year at 96 pounds with 50 and 60's regularly being caught, and every tournament they have on the rivers there is never a problem with a lot of fish being weighed in with setting records every tournament...

Most of the people engaged in this Paylake HATING are "River Guides" that charge a fee to take people out to catch fish, they also engage in commercial fishing them selves in the rivers and lakes for SKipJack and Shad and make lots of money doing this selling it to bait shops around the country !!

Jeez a guy can't get any credit for landing big fish with out getting shit, it doesn't matter where they are caught, they where in the net on the bank, if i had i boat i would fish the river, i am not going to sit on a river bank and waste half of my life for some big fish, there are no big fish caught on the bank, that's lame..



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