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N O T Magic Marker Mib


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The precise lines don't have an obvious start and finish like most of the geometric decorations. As straight as the lines are, they are often covered with color from the squares- kinda blotchy. It would be a much more tedious task to make the squares than the lines. Lines could be made easily with a drill or a lathe. The squares - one at a time.

You have to question why all the marbles have so much damage. Most game board sets are mint! They were never used as shooting marbles. They were used as game pieces -just markers like checkers or chessmen. Some of the mint-est small marbles I ever owned came on game boards.

A lot of the damage appears to have occured before the marble was decorated or embellished. Is the crack really covered by the black square? There are a lot of blow-outs evident in the damage. You have to wonder if the marbles were fired a second time.


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There's a marble board w/dome and 32 checkerboard chinas in a forthcoming Morphy's Auction. Any relationship? I haven't seen pics of the ones in the auction. All I know is that Brian Estepp and Bob Giese(sp?) have authenticated it. They're fairly heavy hitters. Jus' curious here.... I only happened to hear about it because Brian was asking me about my doll collection.....NSF! David

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