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Columbus Show Review


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Holiday inn in Worthington Ohio, just a few minutes north of Columbus. Lot's of places to eat, the nicest grocery I've ever been to was right across the street. The hotel was nice and big, a lot of walking. Room trading on 2 floors. Most of the action happened thursday afternoon and thursday evening. Handmades seemed to over power everything else at this show. I didnt see too many nice peltiers for sale and Akro seemed few and far between. Jabos were everywhere, enough Jabos for christ sakes :)

Picked up a super mint MFC white slag over 7/8'. It's a real gem in hand. I also got a big alternating yellow and white double ribbon latticino from smitty.

Met some nice folks, and ran into some from the past which was a big suprise, steve the slag guy and colonel charles. CA MIKE had a shit load of marbles for sale. He's got a nice collection, someone said he bought 7 guinea's

2 over an inch mint onions


2 almost two inch handmades


olive green MFC 7/8 and the brown in massive over 1-1/4







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Went up Friday only and saw lots of the regulars.

Most said sales were slow but that was good for us buyers!

Lot of talk about Sistersville and if the show will be hurt buy the lack of rooms.

Saw a VERY rare Akro box that still had the ship to label on it but I can remember the guys name that had it.

Good time overall.

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Craig, I left around 9am saturday morning. We had to drive south to Cincinnatti to my parents house for lunch. We can catch each other at new philly.

Some killer CA's Mike. You got some keepers there. Everyone, Mike had some great deals on marbles, look him up!

Kevin, yep, slags were one of the first things I focused on when I first started collecting. I still like a nice cork and a handmade from time to time. I never did the peltier thing other than a few comics and patches.

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