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Thanks For The Mibberies!


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I like contests! LOLOL ! Thanks again to Carole and Lou ! My new Dennis Richardson arrived in the mail today. I wish i wish i wish i had a useable camera! When I pulled the marble out of the shipping box, I see this lovely blue green. Yeah, I saw that in the contest pic. So far so good.


But then when I turned it over, I almost fell into it. Is that what is called a "vortex"? Uh, yeah, I guess that would be what Lou said. LOL. I don't read so good.

Below is this weeks contest item courtesy of Carole. Sorry I'm a day late, had some flooding issues from a storm.

The marble is under 2" and created by Dennis Richardson in a nice vortex design with goldstone.

I'm going to experiment with the scanner this weekend to see if I can catch the depth.

Did I mention it's lutzy! uh, I guess Lou said that too. ^_^ mebbe one of these days I will learn to read. :rolleyes:

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What can I say? I'm glad I won.

It's sparkly and deep and fun and sparkly. and I can't stand the sound of the glass marble touching the glass scanner so I'm abandoning that! I'll try again with a camera later. :-)

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