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"nice Guy" Score!


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Richard and I went to a friend of my aunt's to help him identify the marbles he's been picking up over the years working for the city sewer department, just as a favor to him and my aunt. He didn't want to sell them, just wanted to know what he had. BUT, when we got there, he had with him another fellow's collection, and this other guy was interested in selling out. Here's what we took home that day:


But here's the really cool haul. He'd bought these at a general store close-out years and years ago, still in the original shipping carton. the carton was water-damaged, but the 75 bags of Vitros inside were almost all in absolutely mint condition, just a handful had minor water stains on the labels.


Most of the bags contain at least a few hybrids, very nice color combinations.




Somewhere I've got pics of the marbles from the jars, but I can't locate them at the moment. Several popeyes, a ton of Master Sunbursts -- my current favorite -- Pelt NLR's, clays, slags, a few handmades, a lot of no-value ones of course, but all in all what a fun batch to sort through!! Our best non-auction score, so far anyway


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Oh, yeah, it caused us some angst. How much was fair? we didn't want to rip him, but we didn't want to be stupid either. We finally settled on a price with the proviso that if the box turned out to be worth a lot more than we thought, we'd do right with him. The rest of the marbles, tho, were fair game. BTW, we have mint bags for sale if anyone's interested. :happy-857:

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