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Kokomo Marbles

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Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co.

Still around


They made glass for stained glass windows (among other things?)

And for a short time around 1940, they made marbles also. With a machine they bought from Peltier. If I understand correctly they thought it might be a way to profitably use scrap glass from their main works. But they soon gave it up and sold the machine back to Peltier.

There are not that many Kokomo marbles floating around. Most never left the general Kokomo area. Again if I understand correctly.

Most kokomos look like pelts. But some look like marbles from other makers too. Very tantalizing possibilities but other than a few obvious classic examples it is generally not a good idea to get your hopes up that your marbles are Kokomos. The odds are simply not in favor of Kokomo since so few were made relatively speaking.

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