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Akro Box From The 1933 Ad Craig Posted


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Moving this from the Ace vs. Moss Agate thread since my post was not close enough to the topic of that thread.

Basically I just wanted to single out this box. I find it very interesting. It has some marbles in it which I'm not sure about. One almost looks like a Vitro fingers mib to me but more than 8 fingers. (at the top, just left of center)

Eneeway. Neat snapshot. Per the ad, this is "4 No. 2 Moss Agate Shooters, 10 No. 1 Prize Name Agates, and 24 ring-size mibs in a variety of kinds and colors".

(click for larger version):


LOL. Now that I'm looking at it again, it's not something I have a pressing interest in! LOL. It totally wasn't worth sidetracking that other thread with. But if anyone does want to comment . . . ;)

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