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Champion Horsehair Oxblood, Or Alley?


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Didn't you ask about this one before? Yes, I think so, or one very similar. You tentatively ID-ed it as Champ, and if I'm reading correctly Ron agreed with that.

Sorry I didn't remember that right off. When we had that big horsehair oxblood discussion, I was mostly concentrating on the aqua examples. I didn't recall the outright blue ones.


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Thanks for finding that thread, Steph. I knew I had asked about that marble on this board, but for some reason I thought I remembered Ron saying it was Champion. So, he said it was Alley. Actually, I'm glad, because it looks better with the Alleys!

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Your pic in post #16.


Your tentative i.d.:

Ravenswood, Champion, Alley, Champion

Champion, Alley, Alley, Ravenswood

Ron's response in post #23:

Very good on your group id,M!D$. I agree with all but maybe the last one lower right,may be Champion. These are difficult to do by pictures,due to the many different shades of green used,plus seperating the dark red from browns.

I'm reading that as Champ on the top right. :unsure:

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Duh! I guess you're right...I missed that part where I tentatively ID'd them, so I thought he was saying they were all Alley, or something.

Champion is what I could have sworn it was, because without that oxblood, it sure is a ringer for the others I have.

Thanks AGAIN, for clearing that up :)

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Sure thing.

I know Champ has horsehair because in addition to Ron saying so, he sent me a dug Champ with it. But that was aqua. The transparent swirls are really really hard for me. But also in the dug Champs Ron sent is a blue transparent swirl which looks much like yours in color and texture. No ox though.

By texture I'm thinking of the look of the white. Nice and meaty, with a textured underside, and that little groove running along the top of the ribbon. Do you see what I mean about the groove? It's very visible in the bottom left view here:


It's in my dug champ, and I think I've seen it mentioned in other Champ ID's.

But it wouldn't be the first time I'd associated a feature with some particular company and come to find that others did it also. So, DID Alley also have the little valley running along it's transparent swirl ribbons?

Well, whether or not they did, my blue Champ swirl looks very much like yours in the colors and quality of the glass. Not as busy, but still very similar.

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You are asking your questions of the wrong person! Yes, I see the groove you mentioned, but I have NO IDEA if it's in Alleys also. I don't ID marbles that way. I mostly just get an overall feel for who made them, after having seen or handled enough of them.

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