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Old Or Contemporary

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This mib was shown to me and presented as old and vintage...I agree but was told by another collector that it was made in the 60`s and falls into the same oldness question as the California Sulphides.....anyone out there heard of these types of marbles onions and similar being made this recent?....do these colors mimic the vintage colors we are all familiar with?.........the pontil does not seem to be extraordinarily different...........I HAVE MY OPINION AND STILL WANT TO ACCESS THIS RESOURCE FOR OTHER OPINIONS.....i DON`T KNOW IT ALL AND NONE OF US HAVE SEEN IT ALL...PERIOD!!!



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I think I'd lean towards old, too... Is it well in-round?

I bought a red & white opaque quite a few years ago. I felt pretty good about it when I bought it. But, my resolve weakened over time. I ended up selling it in an auction.... It did OK, but certainly not what it should have if it didn't look so odd. It was out of round in an odd way for a large marble.

If the contemporary story is true, they may be of the same source.

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