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Plug For Goodwill!!!


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I buy a lot of great resale stuff (and most of my clothes!!) at our local Goodwill... Which is a satellite store of the Portland Maine "Mother Ship." So, I try to "give back" to them whenever I can...

Here's one of their ebay auctions that needs a "plug" in the marble world!!! LOL

There MUST be a marble collector out there that can see the "wonder" of this thing!!! LOL

Yup... It needs some work and maybe a little creative modification. But it has the potential to be awesome!!!

(Why can't I stop laughing??? :rolleye-842: )

Cool Light Fixture!!!

I love the description..... They sure know how to seal a sale!!!! :party-243:

Condition: Very Very Unique, Dirty, Heavy and Old.
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Wow!! That's crazy!! UPS ground should be REALLY cheap!!! I've been trying to get them to transport ebay stuff through their own system, so we could pick it up at the store, rather than having it shipped from Maine.... They don't seem to able to wrap their heads around that concept!!! LOL

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