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Sorting Marbles

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I guess I shouldn't have waited 30 years to start sorting marbles. It's a big pain in the rear when ya don't know what you're doing. My ultimate goal is to sell them at a show or thru Ebay. The catseye collection will be staying with me forever however. LOL

I have been trying to sort the Vitros esp. the tiger eyes and have searched past posts to get some idea of how to separate them into types, etc. Unfortunately, most pics here have been deleted or lost. I have really learned a lot from Steph's Study Hall articles. Thanks Steph! Another big thanks to Sissy for her wonderful Vitro thread a while back. Thanks Sissy! Again though, lots of info is gone from Sissy's posts. I was particularly interested in the Vitro 4 fingers and the Easter Eggs info.

I have 8 marble books including the Vitro book but I find books more confusing than helpful for some reason.

Anyways, I have sorted out the Parrots - knew what I was doing there cause of their size - but sit here staring at the 3 and 4 color (not counting white or clear) smaller marbles. Should I sort out the most colorful to go in my marble boxes or ?? TIA

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I've got a link to Alan's old site through WayBackMachine but it keeps saying "data retrieval failure". When I used to be a regular at Alan's old board (years ago), I printed off almost all of the info he had. However, through lots of bad luck, rotten men, sickness, and everything in between, the material came up missing.

Thanks for the replys! Anyone have any more ideas?

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Hey Steph- thanks for the link- it worked for me! Yeah those are what I thought were called 8 fingers. I've got a few but they came from a New Philly show years ago. Never found one in the wild. Also came across the Lucky 7's bought at the same show. They're gorgeous.

I'm still sorting. I'll be done in 10 years or so LOL

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