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Okay, I put photos of the marbles I've found while remodelling my broken down old house in the gallery. I'm completely new to the marble world, so any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. I'm not looking to sell or trade any of them, so monetary value would be only of passing interest... but I would like to know if any of them are extra special.

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Only my opinion.


Best marbles are # 596 (unglazed china),594 (crockery), and 514 (glazed china). #597 is also an old marble - believe this is what is called a "Jasper" a stone marble. None of these are really valuable. The crockery looks real nice ($5-20) and #514 looks nice condition and probably highest value ($10-25).

Rest of marbles are less than $1 to no value:

609) Game marble

608) game marbles

607) Vitro Agate Allred (maybe hybrid)

606) Clearie

605) Marble King Catseye

604) Marble King catsye

603) Catseyes - Peltier banana in middle

602) Vitro Agate Allreds

601) St Marys Alley Agate - 1950s

600) Vitro Agate or another company patch

599) Vitro Agate or Peltier patch

598) Peltier Clear Rainbo type

595) Alley Agate swirl 1940s (better marble)

593) Solid black - unknown maker

592) Clearie - unknown maker

591) Oilies - post 1980s - used in spray cans etc'

590) New marble - probbaly same as above

589) New marble - probbaly same as above

588) Akro Agate corkscrews 1930s (better value)

610) Unknown

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You are so lucky to have been introduced to marble collecting by finding these in your own home! That is the best part, at least it would be for me, since I live in a mobile home! I hope you keep all of them and write down the circumstances of their discovery for future generations of your family, as they are heirlooms, which trumps the hard value versus the sentimental value. Great story and nice photos!

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I think Don's got it about right.... Aside from that first glazed china (514) At the average 3/4" - 7/8" size, I'd think $15-25.00 might be about right... But at it's 1¼" size, I'd think it might have a lot more value to it... Maybe even $100 or more. The size is really extraordinary!!

#595 is really cool, too... Alleys are pretty popular lately. A buck might be a little conservative...

But, most important... You don't need to alter your insurance policy, or plan on an early retirement.

You've got a great little treasure to sweeten the work your doing!! The house likes you and it's "giving back!!" ;)

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