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Flea Mkt Finds...alox??


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yup wsure would be bill...david i cked 5 and 4 out of the 5 were under 5/8....was that hastings site the gas filter thing......there in pretty good shape to have been used as a filter system...

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Hi Duffy,

Not sure. My provenance is Mike and I have fully identified them as well. Mike dug them and they are the ones that appear in the Blue USA box. I think it's smaller that the regular ones as I recall. The ones you have are probably the ones that Alox put in the yellow mesh bags. They look very much like them and all of those were pretty much 5/8"-). Al would have this one zeroed in on but I'm 99.9% sure on them.

You're going to love my comments re. the Master Box that Pavcraz has on eBay. I have to have an account to contact eBay I'm pretty sure. Maybe someone else can.....again!


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hey david...i ckd the green ones and 3 of em have aventurine...i tried to capture them in an image but couldnt...the hastings i know near pine grove is a pretty big natural gas plant where they put the sulpher smell in the natural gas...its about 20 miles away ....

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