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Fenton Marble Cracking


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I wanted to show you guys what happens with Fenton glass when you take the COE's that are too far apart and try to make a marble with the glass. Fenton Glass has 88 through 97 COE as verified by the "scientists" that I have been in contact with that work there.

To learn more about COE, go here... http://www.warmglass.com/Glass_compatibility.htm

Anyway, here is what happened when I tried different colors of the Fenton Glass to make these 3 marbles.....

(I hope the Jabo people did a bit of homework before they used Fenton Glass to make their machine marbles!)




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I ordered about 40 pounds of Fenton Glass cullet and I am using it to experiment on the types of colors that will not crack like these. So far, I've made about 2 dozen marbles with no problems until these 3 attempts. I hope people learn like me from this work. Thanks

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