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Factory Boxed Sets

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i have been wondering for the longest time. it seems none of the marble books that i have seen attribute any dates on the factory sets. am i to assume the sets would be available from the years the company stays in business?. i especially like that box of 100 assorted akro-special marbles (big book of marbles 2nd ed. plate 215) in that book he does attempt to date a box of akros with a v and some morse code, plate 207 but in whole that's about it. i hope this rambling will make sense to someone lol. thanks, jack

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Wow, I hadn't noticed that V-bag box before. That's cool! The bag is awesome and the marbles inside the box are a style I've been curious about before. So thanks!

Some boxes might be tough to narrow down to within better than 10 years. I like trying to get as close as possible tho'. Sometimes I try to match boxes up to ads or articles.

Last year we had some fun with Master Glass boxes which advertised candidates for offices in the Lions Club. Found articles about the elections in newspapers from 1955 and 1956. So voila! We had dates!

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