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The Marble That Started It All-

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too long Mrs Mo. Forever I guess. My girlfriends used to spend their money at my bar and I would spend that (their) money on marbles hahahaha. They'd buy jewelry and new clothes and I'd buy marbles. They'd go to the casinos and I'd buy marbles. About 30-35 years I reckon.

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Wowwwwww! No wonder you have so many! Almost 3 years for me and I consider myself more of an enthusiast rather than a collector... collector's actually have lots of stuff and as you have done, kept buying on a regular basis for many years. I just think they are all fab and it's a thrill to see what is out there. Such beauty in something so small. it's just amazing!

Thanx so much for sharing your collection. I had to take a breather and not hyperventilate.

:-) Felicia

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