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Jabo Work - 1" Or More Marbles

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As you know by now, I make marbles. I also LOVE any kind of glass that I can get my hands on. So, I obtained several JABO run marbles (mainly from the Fenton company (where that glass was used on the TV show Dirty Jobs") and even though they were beautiful, I couldn't contain myself - I HAD to alter them. Below you'll see 9 different combinations of Jabo marbles that I remelted and altered at my torch. I have shot the marble with 4 views of the same marble.

So, let me know what you think about my alterations.... Thanks


Marble #1




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Me thinks ye do Jabo proud. Do you have documentation photos of the specific marbles you've used for each rework. It would be fascinating to see the beforehands juxtaposed. You know, Jabo marbles especially these special 21st Century Runs could turn into a significant source for glass artists wanting to expand their color palette and I'm sure other reasons that you guys making marbles could more easily espouse. Got to check the one with the S and see how you've worked it. Got caught up in the earlier ones and was somewhat blown away. Busy day too. David

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David - I am honored that you liked my work. I did alter the design to make the "S" shape and it was a bit tricky too! Imay not be able to ever do that again as hand work never is the same at any time no matter how hard one tried to reproduce the work.

Because all I was doing was playing with glass, I didn't shoot the little marbles before altering them I am afraid. I did make an artist's decision on which part of the little Jabo I wanted to not be buried in the middle of the 1" one.

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I may just have to send you some specific pairs of Jabo marbles for to have a go at it! There are certain ones that it would be very interesting to see their rebirth. Like "being born again!" I know I've said it before but I have to say it again, Dave McCullough has made some of the prettiest marbles that have ever been machine-made. Granted there are many magnificent marbles from the past but Dave is right up there with them in the excellence of what he has created. He truly deserves all the good that comes to him from the joy he has provided to the collecting community.

I'm not as familiar with the Dirty Jobs run as I am with some of the others but Dave Mc sent me a small sample box from the run during Nov. 2008 so I definitely was recognizing some colors.

For that matter I could supply you with some killer examples from key runs you can just play with for your own enjoyment. Goodness knows Jabo marbles a plenty are available if you make the connections.


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I'd love to play - if YOU have extras.... send them my way and let's see what I can come up with (assuming you'd like them altered!). PM me and I'll send you my snail addy and you give me yours to send them back to. Maybe you might include some I can keep if possible? Maybe? I am hoping we can trade - like, for example, you send 16 marbles and I break them into sets of 4 and send 3 altered marbles back and keep one? Does that sound fair?

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