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gallery_1772_180_265016.jpgalley in marble king packs (missing headers)

gallery_1772_180_554612.jpg1 fiber optic- red one, 3 mk- one glows, 1 handmade- kinda crazy

gallery_1772_180_1057485.jpgthese are marbles off of the alox/jabo machine. the whites were the first then the wash.

gallery_1772_180_388000.jpgsome nice jabos from the most recent run. black adventurine.

gallery_1772_180_219345.jpgakro mossy types

gallery_1772_180_927713.jpg3 more akro that glow

gallery_1772_180_741027.jpg8 nice lil' akro patches

gallery_1772_180_369894.jpgakro flinties and 1 moonie

gallery_1772_180_782992.jpgakro gumball anyone?

gallery_1772_180_69302.jpgall akro shooters.

BTW i only paid 17.00 for all of the akro together!!!!!

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What do you figure the story is of the Alley marbles in the MK paks?

I can't wait to hear what the tank mix was for the Alox run at Jabo.

So that Black Aventurine is kinda jagged in some of the marbles from the run. Interesting. What could have caused that?

By the way, 1st Official Marble Show & Sale/Akro Agate Coillectors Club Sat. July 10th, 2010 9AM to 3PM Days Inn West Virginia Room, 112 Tolley St.(Exit 119-179), Bridgeport WV Ph. 1 304 842-7371(EST) Cut off date 6/22. Contact: Roger or Claudia Hardy (304) 624-7600 (304) 624-4523 or email: [email protected] website @http://club.akroagate.us/


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Well Sir, the story the seller was telling was that these were alleys packaged by ravenswood. he told me the story of speaking to the lady who put them in the bags herself. But my being of lesser marble smarts than most, I seen an old friend, who needs to stay out of my neck of the woods, Mr. Sheppard. I asked him about the story and he and Mr. Powell, I believe that is his name, told me that they were alley. When MK bought alley in St marys they had alley stock and MK bags. so poof! they had alley mibs in mk bags. I hope this is satisfying. When Ron and The president of the marble club, I think, told me what they were I took it as set in stone and good enough for me.

P.S. I have no knowledge of the glass mix or adventurine issue. Plus If I say Jabo 3 times in a mirror with the lights out she will appear so i mustn't speak further.

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Right you are and I was just reminded by another source that the story is clearly documented in AMMM. It's a job keeping all these incestuous marble bag stories straight. David

Edit: Just got back from trying the mirror trick. My receptors must not be attuned. I even tried turning around three times. Do you think that I might actually have some Jabo resistance in me that is not allowing this to work. Hard to believe.

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had a great time as always there. on the floor at 3 in the morning thumpin mibs around. got a few keepers for sure. and many thanks to all that were involved in the .. surprises. to all in the club .. excellant effowv001.jpgrt. saving my gas money. bill alleyshooterpennsboro.jpgalleypennsboro.jpgpeltierfruitcocktail.jpg

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