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Show Pics From W.va.

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Guess someone thought it was too long and the pics were too large (among other things). Man- it took me hours to write the report and upload/post the pics. No biggie -I'll survive.

Thanks Steph for your concern but it's alright. Really.

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Wow- those are some real beauts! You have good taste in little glass balls Sir!

I sure did enjoy your company. We never did make it to the "boobie" bar Friday night did we? We also didn't get to enjoy those "lemon drops". Maybe next show? :rolleye-842:

Here's you, Ron, and ? (sry forgot name) scrutinizing my beautiful mibs! Really hated to see some of the Alleys go but they went to good homes for sure. XOXOXO


HAHAHA! Gotcha capperman!




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Gail, what happened??? Did it ever show up?

There's only 3 of us who could have deleted it and none of us would!!

I'm so bummed.... I've done a couple of those reports and, yeah..., It's a ton of work!!

However it happened, I'm so sorry!!


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